Because online casinos and online gambling are such big business, especially in the UK, there’s a lot of money available for anyone who can drive people to online gambling sites and get them to spend money with the casino, poker room or betting shop. One of the most popular marketing techniques employed by the online casino’s and embraced by website owners is affiliate marketing.

What is an affiliate program
Affiliate programs are a well established internet marketing tool which have been available since the earliest days of online advertising. The process of affiliate marketing looks like this;

A website who wants to advertise their services or products joins an affiliate program- they are known as a merchant. They place their adverts with the affiliate program.
Other website owners (known as affiliates) join the affiliate program and choose to display the merchants adverts on their site.
A visitor comes to the affiliate site- clicks on the merchants advert and buys a product from the merchant site.
For each purchase the affiliate takes a commission of the sale made on the merchant site.

UK online casino affiliate programs
Online casinos offer some of the most profitable returns of any type of affiliate programs in the UK because online gambling customers have such a high value for the casino sites. Roccos online casino who sponsor online casino gambling games have just relaunched there profitable online casino affiliate program offering some of the best payouts around to their affiliate sites who drive traffic to Roccos casino and poker rooms. Pretty much any webmaster can join the affiliate program and start earning revenue from online gambling immediately. Get more information here.