UK online poker has exploded in popularity in the past few years. If you want to gamble online you’ll find no shortage of online poker sites more than willing to indulge your desires (a search on Google for “Online Poker” will return more than 50 million results!). If you’re gambling online in the UK at a UK poker room you’re protected by the toughest regulations on online gambling legislation anywhere in the world. Britons turn over some $50 billion + in gambling revenue every year and the online gambling market is demanding an increasing share of that bounty- its important to know your money is protected online.

UK online Poker game
In the UK online poker rooms across the internet you will find all the same fun poker gambling games you would expect to find in your local real life casino. If you’re a bit of a card shark try online poker, there’s no end of poker rooms available online playing all variations of the game- Texas hold ‘em, 7 card stud, Omaha etc

This site gives an overview of some of the most popular poker gambling games, tips to win, special offers and a breakdown of some of the jargon surrounding the industry.

UK online gambling technology
Without state of the art technology the best poker rooms would not be able to operate effectively and so many players wouldn’t trust the poker room with their money. You don’t need to be technical to play though, a little computer literacy and a knowledge of the poker games you’re playing and you’ll be well away- all the games play almost exactly the same in a virtual poker room as a real one.