Roulette is one of the most popular UK online casino games…
Roulette is named after the French for “small wheel” referring to the main apparatus of the roulette game. On a basic level online roulette is probably the most simple of the online casino gambling games. The player bets on a number, set of numbers or a colour, the croupier spins the wheel, releases the ball in the opposite direction and pays anyone who bet on whatever number or colour the ball lands on.

Why is roulette so popular?
Roulette is worldwide one of the most popular casino games because it can be played by gamblers of any level- many believe it requires little skill, others would argue successful roulette is an art form in its own right. Online roulette has mirrored the success of the classic casino game with players flocking to the controlled environment of the online roulette table where they can take time to study the game and form and become immersed in the finer points of gambling on roulette.

How to play online roulette
Online roulette betting works the same as regular casino roulette, you pick the number you think the ball will land on, the croupier spins and depending on the type of bet if the ball lands on your number you will win your bet with the odds below.